Philosophy of RA Hair Design


Raphael Anthonij also known as Ito, is the owner and founder of RA Hair Design. A natural talent who kept himself busy with hair clippers at the age of 11 years and had big dreams. His biggest dream was therefore to be a professional Hairdresser with his own hair salon. Raphael Anthonij was born in Bonaire on 29 October 1978, the Dutch Antilles.

Shortly after the death of his father, he moved to Curacao in order to complete his education in Technical Engineering. Despite the fact that he was following a Technical study, Raphael Anthonij kept pursuing his dream and got a part-time job at the age of 15 years as a Hairdresser next to his study. After the successful completion of his study it didn’t take very long for him to figure things out. At the age of 18 years he decided to live his dream full-time on Curacao.

He started working as a Freelance Hairdresser at Barberia Cinto.

At this employer/teacher he has gained good experience and had the chance to explore his individual talent and creativity in 7 years. In collaboration with a partner Raphael Anthonij decided to start an own Salon due to developments. During this period he has also followed several courses and earned certificates in America and Spain. Because of this he worked himself to a higher level in his field.

After standing on his own feet for 2 years, his whole family decided to move to the Netherlands. He saw this as an opportunity to get the best out of himself, to learn and develop himself even more.

Once arrived in the Netherlands, Raphael Anthonij got his certificate for European Hair Hairstyling m/f. He accomplished this within 1 year by the unconditional passion and eagerness to learn more about the profession.

B Academy in Amsterdam appointed him officially as a Hairstylist. During his training at the B Academy, he also continued his profession as a part-time Freelance Hairdresser at a salon of an acquaintance in Rotterdam.

Raphael Anthonij has its own attributes when it comes to the styles of the hair and strives for perfection in his wor k. He works quality-oriented, is always up to date about the latest trends and let its customers satisfied of the cha ir. This caused a great deal of value for Raphael Anthonij, leaving him certainly not unnoticed as a Hairstylist and as a Brand

The combination of his talents and Caribbean sociability keeps stimulating the value through word of mouth alone. By this big growth and great value, he had decided to open RA Hair Design in 2010. With this decision he achieved his goal and made his own dream come true. Since then the salon is exposed to many good developments, including the latest trends, education and sponsorship. Therefore RA Hair Design is not only a beautiful salon, but also a strong brand that represents beauty for him and her.

With this approach, he has built up many loyal and regular customers, which makes RA Hair Design a very successful hair salon and is running at full speed. Because of this success RA Hair Design is foreseeing to meet an extension, where there will be worked with more staff and colleagues. For customers, this also creates the possibility to be treated at any time of day with or without an appointment.

It is certainly advisable to make an appointment to avoid long waits.